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Creative Activities To Keep Senior’s Minds Active

Winter can have a dramatic impact on the well-being of seniors. This time of year limits older adults’ options when it comes to outdoor activities due to cold temperatures and slick, unsafe conditions, but the weather can’t limit creativity. Engaging in creative activities in their daily lives is a great way for seniors to keep their minds active even when they can’t get outside as often as they’d like. And while the weather may be starting to warm, there are still a few more weeks Continue reading →

Winter Safety- The Higher Risk of Hypothermia For Seniors

Winter can be a difficult time for many seniors, and here in Pennsylvania, we get the gamut of winter weather with rain, sleet, snow, ice, and frigid winds. This winter has seen much of the country under record low temperatures and buried in snow. During harsh winter weather, it is very important for older adults to be aware of the increased  risk of hypothermia for seniors as well as know how to avoid the dangers associated with cold weather. Here are some of the ways Continue reading →

Expert Insights Into Exercise And Aging

As we age we should constantly be searching for ways to optimize our physical, mental, and emotional well-being to remain as healthy as possible throughout our senior years. Nutrition is of course of vital importance and so is physical activity. Exercising on a regular basis is crucial to maintaining health as we age. It offers a wealth of benefits to seniors who make physical activities a part of their daily lives. As a matter of fact, exercise is one of the most vital components of Continue reading →

8 Lifestyle Changes To Promote Brain Health And Mental Agility

Changes happen in every area of our bodies as we age, including our brains. Through medical research, we have learned that certain areas of the brain shrink over time, especially those related to learning and performing complex mental tasks. Inflammation may develop due to disease or injury, and neurons in certain parts of the brain may not communicate as effectively as they once did. Changes like this can have a significant impact on cognitive function for even the healthiest seniors and this poses challenges for Continue reading →

A 5-Layered Approach To Maintaining An Independent Lifestyle

Maintaining an independent lifestyle is a top priority for aging adults, and independence means a lot more than living on your own. It means being able to thrive with a sense of complete freedom. There are a few important things to consider that are required to maintain an independent lifestyle as we age. There are five basic areas that we must consider as we seek to prolong independence for seniors throughout the aging process. 1- Nutrition As we age our nutritional needs change. Understanding these Continue reading →

Unexpected Ways The Holidays Impact Aging Adults

With December bringing with it colder weather and holiday preparations many of us are embracing the holiday season. For many, this is the most joyful and exciting time of year, but for some, it can have unexpected effects on their mental and physical health. Amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays, older adults may find themselves feeling depressed, lonely, and overwhelmed. To better understand how this holiday season can bring up difficult emotions for seniors we’ll take a look at some of the most Continue reading →

How To Set a Healthy Holiday Table for Seniors

The holiday season can be difficult to navigate when you or a loved one has special dietary needs. Tables full of delicious yet fatty and high-sodium foods and trays of tempting sweets can pose major problems for seniors with various health conditions or who take certain medications. There are many things to consider when planning a holiday feast for seniors. Here are some tips to help make sure meals are satisfying without compromising health or nutritional needs. Focus On Nutrition One thing to keep in Continue reading →

Age-Related Memory Loss – When To See Your Doctor

Aging is an inevitable part of life. The aging process brings many changes to both our bodies and our brain. Some of those changes are related to our memory. While people may joke about having a "senior moment", age related memory problems can sometimes be a very serious matter. Some degree of forgetfulness and memory lapses are to be expected as we get older, but how do you know what's normal, what's not, or when you should speak with your doctor about your memory problems? Continue reading →

5 Tips to Help Seniors Stay Safe Online

Social media, online shopping, and entertainment have become a normal part of daily life for many people today. Shopping, ordering movies, and communicating with family and friends from the comfort of your own home are convenient and helpful for seniors, but it also comes with new dangers as well. In 2020 alone seniors lost more than $1 billion to scammers and thieves that prey on older adults in the digital world. Today we will share with you 6 tips to help you stay safer online. Continue reading →

Hair Color Tips For Mature Women

One inevitable part of growing older is that eventually, your hair is going to start losing its natural color. Turning gray happens to everyone. While some women choose to embrace their gray hair as a well-earned symbol of wisdom and honor. For others, it’s an unwelcome part of the aging process. If you aren’t yet ready to embrace those grays then it’s time to talk about hair color and how to choose a flattering color that will help you look years younger. When selecting a Continue reading →