Indoor Gardening Tips for Small Spaces

Gardening is a healthy and rewarding hobby, especially for seniors. It keeps you active as you care for your growing plants, and the end result is beautiful flowers, attractive foliage, or healthy vegetables. If you love gardening but don’t have space outdoors, an indoor garden can be the perfect solution. Here are a few tips that can help you make your indoor garden a success.

Choose the right space. Plants need light, so an indoor garden should be located near a window, if possible. If your windows are high off the ground or don’t have a good, sturdy sill to place your plants on, opt for hanging baskets for flexible placing.

Select the right plants. Large vegetable plants probably won’t do well in an indoor garden, but you can get lots of delicious harvests with smaller herb plants or plants like lettuce, spinach, or sprouts that you will harvest often.

Understand the plant’s needs. Every plant is different, with its native habitat ranging from tropical rainforests to dry deserts, so be sure you understand the temperature, watering, and lighting needs for each plant.

Don’t overwater. Overwatering can be just as damaging to some plants as underwatering, and many indoor plants simply need less water indoors than if they were planted outdoors. Once again, this is all about understanding the needs of each individual plant.

Go easy on the fertilizer. Since nutrients aren’t replenished in the soil as easily indoors, indoor garden plants do need fertilizer, but it’s easy to overdo it. A regular schedule of fertilizer is necessary, but be sure to follow directions exactly to keep your plants healthy. Research the types of plants you’ve chosen for your garden to determine the best fertilizer schedule.

Enjoy yourself! Gardening is fun, even when you’re caring for a small indoor garden. To make it even more enjoyable, share your hobby with friends or grandkids by letting them help you choose the plants. And when it comes time to harvest, everyone can enjoy the results!

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