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Fun Outdoor Activities for Seniors

With the warmer seasons upon us, it’s time to spend more time outdoors. For seniors, outdoor activities can be both fun and healthy, but it’s important to choose activities that are safe for you. Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities for seniors that just about anyone can try. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise activities to ensure that they are safe for you. Nature walks. Walking is healthy for most people, and the best part is that Continue reading →

Why Exercise is So Important for Seniors

We’ve heard it many times – that a good diet, exercise, and plenty of sleep are all important for good health. And as we enter the holiday season, it’s important to keep up all those healthy habits. But what is the real importance of exercise for seniors? We’ve put together some of the most important benefits of exercise for people over age 65.   Lowered disease risk. As we age, the risk of acquiring medical conditions like heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes increase. Continue reading →

Fun Socially Distanced Activities for Seniors

To slow the spread of COVID-19, most communities are implementing preventative measures like social distancing and wearing face masks. While it’s especially important to keep seniors safe, physical distancing can be difficult for seniors who may feel isolated since they can’t visit family the way they used to. For seniors, it’s important to stay active to stay positive, and fortunately, there are still plenty of fun activities seniors can do to stay connected with others, whether through their senior living facility activities program or in Continue reading →