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Winter Safety- The Higher Risk of Hypothermia For Seniors

Winter can be a difficult time for many seniors, and here in Pennsylvania, we get the gamut of winter weather with rain, sleet, snow, ice, and frigid winds. This winter has seen much of the country under record low temperatures and buried in snow. During harsh winter weather, it is very important for older adults to be aware of the increased  risk of hypothermia for seniors as well as know how to avoid the dangers associated with cold weather. Here are some of the ways Continue reading →

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

We’ve had some cold weather this winter, and while the snow can look lovely, it can present some special safety challenges for older adults. If you’re a senior or have an older family member you’re concerned about in this cold weather, here’s a list of easy tips to use so seniors can stay safe when the temperatures are low. As we age, it becomes harder to retain body heat, so hypothermia, which is when someone has a dangerously low body temperature, can set in fast. Continue reading →