The Importance of Exercise for Seniors

Exercise is for everyone! It goes hand-in-hand with a healthy diet for helping you feel better, fight symptoms of disease, and improve your mobility and overall lifestyle. With all those wonderful benefits, it’s important for seniors to participate in exercise that fits their ability levels. Today, we’ll talk about ways that every senior can find an exercise program that works for them.

Exercise is especially important as we age, since it helps improve functions that make disease symptoms more manageable and prevent injury from accidents and falls. With regular exercise, you may experience:

  • Greater flexibility for improved mobility
  • Improved balance to help prevent falls
  • Improved strength so you can do more tasks independently
  • Elevated mood to help keep you engaged in life
  • Improved brain function to help fight dementia
  • Increased energy so you can participate in activities you love

With all these benefits, it’s clearly important for seniors to find an exercise program that works for them. Before starting an exercise program, the first step is checking with your doctor to be sure exercise is safe for you. For seniors, this step is especially important because it becomes more difficult to recover from injury as we age, and people with some health concerns – like heart conditions – need to have their exercise closely monitored by a doctor. 

Once you’re cleared for exercise, it’s time to find one that’s right for you. Here are a few popular options that are great choices for seniors.

Walking. One of the easiest exercises to start is a walking program. It requires little equipment other than a good pair of supportive shoes. It’s free – you don’t need to belong to a gym or take special classes to participate. You can do it alone or with friends or family members, and you get to experience fresh air and sunshine.

Yoga. Yoga classes designed for seniors can help you significantly improve balance, build strength, optimize your breathing, and keep you calm. It’s best to practice yoga in a class with an experienced professional who can help you tailor your practice to your abilities. There are even adapted yoga classes for people with limited mobility. 

Tai Chi. This relaxing, low-impact Chinese martial art provides great exercise for seniors. With a series of purposeful movements and poses, tai chi improves balance and increases strength. There are many different styles available, including a seated tai chi option for people with limited mobility and more advanced styles for active lifestyles.

Weight training. Lifting weights isn’t just for bodybuilders. Different types of weight training and resistance exercises are great options for seniors. Weight training improves strength and balance and can help improve disease symptoms and reduce pain. A good weight training program can be tailored to your individual needs, mobility, and lifestyle.

Exercise is a wonderful way to help make your senior lifestyle even more enjoyable. An active lifestyle means improved health, vitality, and mobility that helps you live life to its fullest in your senior years.

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